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The JeffCo Innovators' Workshop
Have a great idea? 
A new invention that you'd like to market?  Maybe you've already got that fabulous product
available for sale, but you'd like some help, advice, or support to help make the business a
success - not only in Colorado's Jefferson County, but everywhere!

Whether you are striving to make sales soar, or just get your invention patented — whatever
stage of the game you're at, the JeffCo Innovators' Workshop is here to help.

We're a not-for-profit group of  innovators  that came together in 2012 and decided we could help each other, and the Greater Golden / Jefferson County area.

You'll find our participants in various stages of success ourselves. Some members are beginners, and some are much further along.  Some are quite experienced. Fortunately, we're blessed to have access to some individuals and companies that have made it big and have quite a lot of knowledge to share!                                                             

These events have been rather popular because inventors and innovators have come away feeling like they have received information and have learned something that can really help them. Equally important, has been the sense of community and positive attitude that has been felt; the "Hey I can do this!" revelation that keeps folks on track so they can achieve success.

The evening meetings have been important. But we also have some plans for much grander activities before the end of 2013. You can learn more about those at the meetings.

So, come join us ... You'll learn something that will help your business ... and you'll get to meet some great people at the same time!  See you there!

"Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, 
you’re right!"

  -  Henry Ford
We'd like your input ...!  

To contact the founders / organizers
 of the 
JeffCo Innovators Workshop,
 please call: 303-993-7473
or Email: 

The JeffCo Innovators' Workshop is Hosted by the City of Golden and sponsored by the IX Power Foundation, Inc.
Welcome to the JeffCo Innovators' Workshop

* Network, make new friends & refreshments
* Announcements: Workshop & Community
* Presentation by Steve Glueck on the City of Golden's work in Community & Economic Development
* Elevator Speech Critiques (time permitting)
*  The story of Golden's own LEPTRON - 
small helicopter "drone" company
* Door prize awards

It's all at the Wednesday, December 10 meeting of the 
JeffCo Innovators' Workshop!
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
at Golden City Hall

NOTE:  We will be meeting at our usual gathering spot of Golden City Hall. 

FREE Admission, but Please RSVP at our Meetup site.  
Click HERE. 

About this month's speaker:

Leptron is Golden's own home-grown small helicopter (drone) manufacturing and service company. Come learn how Leptron went from being a struggling startup to a successful company whose products get used all over the country and well beyond!  Leptron's helicopters are used by military, homeland security, police departments, agriculture operations, and famous national labs.  

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 for the latest information on the JeffCo Innovators' Workshop!